Smart Contact Reminder

Makes sure you keep in touch with important people in your life
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Maintain relationships

Smart Contact Reminder can help you with maintaining a long-distance relationships, friendship or remembering to call your mum regularly.

Stay in touch with business partners

Nurture business relationships by getting regular reminders to keep in touch. Keep a log of previous conversations for when you connect next.

Never forget of birthdays

Assign important days such as birthdays, anniversaries and other events to your contacts to never forget again.

Add your contacts

Add people that are important to you or import them from your contacts. Assign your contacts to Contact Circles based on how often you’d like to get in touch with them.

Receive reminders

When the contact is due, a notification with a reminder will pop up.

Get in touch

Start a conversation using your favorite app. We have integrations with the most popular ones in place.

Log the contact

Log the contact and optionally note the conversation topics to reschedule the reminder. Smart Contact Reminder can detect contact and log them automatically for you.

Support the development

If you enjoy using Smart Contact Reminder, any donation towards the development would be appreciated.

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